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Create A Beautiful White Interior With Benjamin Moore

When you think of timeless and elegant home design, one cannot overlook the classic beauty of white interior walls – a space that is crisp, clean, and modern. With Benjamin Moore’s extensive range of whites to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect shade for your abode. So, if you want to create gorgeous white-on-white décor in your living room or bedroom without compromising on elegance then this blog post is for you! In this blog post we’ll explore some amazing options offered by Benjamin Moore ranging from bright hues such as creamy ivory to subtle shades like soft dove grey. We’ll also show how these tranquil colors can be used in combination alongside accent colors to add depth and interest while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look. So, get ready as we take you through a journey full of breathtaking inspiration – rediscovering your home with beautiful shades of white!

Tried & True Colours by Benjamin Moore

There are a handful of colours that continue to prevail as tried and true colours, like 2108-50 Silver Fox, OC-46 Halo, and 1457 White Winged Dove.

2108-50 Silver Fox continues to act as a good neutral between a gray and beige, leaning more toward the gray.  The medium dark tone of Silver Fox is ideal for open concept spaces that need colour and depth.

2108-50 Silver Fox – A beloved gray with just the right touch of warmth. 

  • LRV: 43.73
  • Collection: Colour Preview® • Colours for Vinyl
2108-50 Silver Fox

OC-46 Halo on the other hand is a colour chosen from the Off-White Colour Collection, a style choice that is quite popular!  OC46 Halo is a balance of a fresh flavour of green, filtered with a hazy gray film to create a translucent, calming yet lively off white hue.

OC-46 Halo – The softest shade of silver with a touch of green. 

  • LRV: 71.74
  • Collection: Off White Colours
  • Also Known As: 1527
OC-46 Halo

1457 White Winged Dove is a gentle neutral colour with a cool touch of gray undertone, evoking a serene and peaceful ambiance. The subtle gray undertone adds depth and dimension to this hue, creating a sophisticated and versatile shade that complements a wide range of design styles. Whether used as a main colour or as an accent, White Winged Dove infuses spaces with a calming and elegant aesthetic.

1457 White Winged Dove – A gentle neutral with a cool touch of gray undertone.

  • LRV: 75.30
  • Collection: Benjamin Moore Classics®
1457 White Winged Dove

A Fan Favourite White OC-117 Simply White, Best Selling Colours

On the surface, OC-117 Simply White (a former Colour of the Year) may appear ‘simple’, but the truth is, this slightly warmed white hue can become a fundamental colour to establish a variety of styles.  Simply White OC117 is a vivid and bright white, which makes it versatile to pair with many shades of colours.  It reflects a modern, linear lifestyle that can be warmed with materials, layered for texture, or contrasted with bold, striking colours.

OC-117 Simply White – The slightest hint of warmth makes this clean, crisp white a favourite to use anywhere in the home.

  • LRV: 89.52
  • Collection: Off White Colours • Colours for Vinyl
  • Also Known As: 2143-40
OC-117 Simply White

white-washed walls,
hand-hewn beams…

In the ceramicist’s studio, harmony reigns.
Coats of white paint refresh rustic boards and beams and take on a warm, soft glow.

Colour Trends 2016

Colour Trends 2016

layered whites,
diffused light…

Surrender to the complexity of white. In this abstract artist’s townhouse, the interplay of whites and light creates nuance and subtle beauty.

Colour Trends 2016

Colour Trends 2016

striking contrasts,
bold lines…

Angles and edges become sharply defined as white is cut with black. This digital designer’s cabin conveys intent, celebrates form, as fearless, high chroma colors punctuate the black and white landscape.

Colour Trends 2016

Colour Trends 2016

Create A Focal Point With A Pop Of Colour

2076-20 Royal Flush, this vibrant jewel-tone pink has an electric combination when paired with an off-white.  The characteristic of this electric colour could be swapped for a different hue. For instance, a navy blue like Benjamin Moore’s 2035-10 Old Navy from the Dramatic Deep Collection, would have the same effect; the white becomes the backdrop and the colour becomes the focal point.

Colour Trends 2016, 2076-20 Royal Flush
2076-20 Royal Flush
Colour Trends 2016, OC-117 Simply White
OC-117 Simply White
Colour Trends 2016, 2035-10 Old Navy
2035-10 Old Navy

energizing color,
crisp white borders…

White frames and flatters. In this gallerist’s brownstone, white is the guide that directs the eye to multiple color encounters.

Colour Trends 2016
Colour Trends 2016

Conversely, a great colour choice, that isn’t, well, as colourful, would be AF-170 French Press.  Benjamin Moore’s French Press AF170 is still a strong opposing tone of colour to pair with a white or off white, however it performs as a neutral.  I’d recommend a colour such as this, where you don’t necessarily want to commit to a specific colour.  Colour can always be introduced and even interchanged through accessories, against a neutral.  More importantly, whites coupled with different neutrals, including layering whites, creates texture and ambiance.

Colour Trends 2016
AF-170 French Press
Colour Trends 2016
Colour Trends 2016

Benjamin Moore dictates colourful yet tasteful hues, from cobalt blues and lively pinks to subtle grays and cozy browns. The beautiful aspect of Benjamin Moore’s bright but gentle, Simply White OC-117 as a former colour of the year, is versatile and harmonizes with almost any colour and style. So, add a splash of white, and maybe if you’re a little daring, some colour too!

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