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Ceiling wallpaper

When Wallpaper isn’t Just for Walls

First of all, if you haven’t discovered Pinterest as a source of home decorating inspiration, a barometer of décor trends and simply a place to browse away an afternoon, then, well, you should give it a try.

Now, onto our topic of the day. Our guess is that you have never wallpapered a ceiling. In fact, we will venture to say that the thought of wallpapering the ceiling has never entered your mind.

But, even if the idea is not on most people decorating radar, wallpapering the ceiling is a thing.

And you don’t have to take our word for it. Search Pinterest for ‘ceiling wallpaper’. If it’s on Pinterest in those kinds of number, wallpapering the ceiling is definitely a thing.

For hundreds of years, wallpaper has seen its ups and downs as a home décor trend. Each new cycle of popularity seems to bring a new idea to the old wallpapering standards. Even in most adults’ lifetimes, wallpaper has gone from the simple floral patterns in Grandma’s kitchen to full-sized murals, textures and even paintable versions that, together, mean you can get just about any look you want on a wall.

Ceiling wallpaper in not really new either. If you’ve been in any historic homes, or even your favourite British pub, and it has a textured pattern on the ceiling, it is most likely the product of ceiling wallpaper.

Wallpapering in general is enjoying an increase in popularity after years of minimalist and earth-tone decorating trends. There also seems to be a trend towards the inclusion the ceiling for home decorating, including ceiling art and mobiles, beyond simply painting it white.

Put the two together and you can see why ceiling wallpaper has a part in this latest wallpaper revival.

So, if you’re thinking of redecorating, or even just freshening up your interior walls with a new coat of paint, don’t overlook what’s over your head.