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How to paint a small room

4 Tips to Paint a Small Room Bigger

If you’re enjoying the condo life in downtown Toronto or simply have a small room in your home, you’ve probably come across most if not all of the tips for making small rooms feel bigger.

From adding large mirrors to decluttering, they are all techniques that work, but they also have their drawbacks. Have you ever been in a small room where one wall was all mirrors? Enough said. And sometimes decluttering isn’t possible, or means that you can’t take advantage of the space as you would like to.

But there’s one way to make smaller rooms look larger that has no known downside. Paint them in the right colours.

1. Bright Colours

Yes, you’ve heard of this one, but there’s a little more to it than painting your walls ‘bright white’. When opting to paint a room white, keep the colour towards the ‘warm’ side of the spectrum. This helps to mute the glare you can get in rooms with large windows or powerful lighting. Also remember to add texture elsewhere in the room, like in your furniture and accessories, to break up the solid colour.

2. Blue & Green

Warm colours, like red and orange, ‘advance’ towards you and cooler colours, like blues and greens recede. That means lighter shades of cooler colours make walls feel further away – and ‘enlarges’ the room.

3. Feed Sunlight to Light-Starved Rooms

if your room has smaller windows resulting in dark corners, try a sunshine yellow to brighten the entire room.

Yes, You Can Use Dark Colours, If… – …you use the same dark colour on doors, trim and accessories. The dark tones help add more depth to the light colours around them. Again, cooler blues and greens are best for this effect.

4. For Even More Brightness

If you really want to maximize the light in a room, use paint with a matte finish that is also infused with light-reflecting particles.

Don’t Do Your DIY Paint Project Yourself: Well, at least get as much painting information and tips as you can before you start. We’re not just paint people at The Paint People. We’re experts in interior design, colour theory and home decorating, and we can help you get the look you want for every room in your house or condo.

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