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3 Amazing Ikea Hacks For Your Kitchen | The Paint People

3 Amazing Ikea Hacks For Your Kitchen

Even big fans of Ikea’s iconic minimalist style for kitchen cabinets and countertops have a love-hate relationship with it. They love the practical ingenuity of the designs, the ‘evergreen’ styling and, perhaps most of all, the price. But, while there’s generally only one item on the ‘hate’ list, it’s a big one.

You and your guests can spot an Ikea kitchen miles away.  

How to Just Love Your Ikea Kitchen

Fortunately, there are hacks for your Ikea kitchen that let you eliminate the hate list and create a customized look. Whether you have a small kitchen or a space big enough for a kitchen island, these ideas will make it look like you hired an interior designer instead of shopping at Ikea.

Ikea Hacks for Your Kitchen

You can take your Ikea kitchen customization to whatever level you want. But the following hacks are all easily doable and relatively affordable.

  1. Reface the Cabinets: if there’s one sure sign of an Ikea kitchen, it is the whiteness. But you can say goodbye to all that by refacing the cabinets. The most DIY way to do that is to pick your favourite Benjamin Moore paint colour and simply paint the cabinets. Or you can kick it up a notch with professional cabinet refacing.
  2. Swap the Countertop: while Ikea gives you options for your counter space, they might still say ‘Ikea’. But a look around the internet or local counter specialists can reveal some bargains that may just fit even a small space. Whether you prefer a granite or marble top, it will definitely do the trick.
  3. Get Creative with the Knobs and Handles – They may be one of the smallest elements of the overall kitchen. But you’ll be amazed at the difference that custom knobs and pulls will make. Again, you can find a great variety of pulls and handles at a hardware store, or you can get a little more eclectic by shopping at antique stores or collectors’ websites.

Need some color inspiration for your next IKEA hack project? Check out Benjamin Moore’s new 2019 colour of the year and prepare to swoon.

Ikea hacks for your kitchen | The Paint People