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Updating your cabinets by simply painting

How to Get ‘New’ Cabinets & Accessories Without Paying for ‘New’

The last time you bought a new light fixture for your dining room, did you absolutely need it? Chances are that you didn’t, but you had become tired of the old one, or were redecorating anyway, and so you got new one.

But, depending on the light fixture, there’s a good chance that you had another option, one that would satisfy your need to have a fixture that fits with your new décor, or to give your home a new look.

Paint It

The same principle that is true for the walls of your home, which is that simply painting is one of the most cost effective renovations you can do, applies to any other part of your home that can be painted.

You know the feeling of having your home painted and, with just that one, simple task, it’s like you’re in a new home. You can get the same ‘new’ feeling by painting any of the following, and avoid the high cost of getting ‘new’:

1. Fixtures

Whether it’s your dining room light fixture or your table lamps, finding the right paints for them can not only change their color, but add texture and contrast so that you’ll barely recognize the finished fixture.

2. Cabinets

Kitchens and bathrooms are among the most used rooms in your home, and the wear and tear can show up on your cabinets. Before you go out and buy new ones, try painting them instead and update your cabinet hardware. If you had darker cabinets, try a lighter colour. Or use some of the latest colour trends, like medium grays, to update the entire room.

3. Wardrobes, Shelving and Chests

Tired of your storage spaces? Stand-alone furniture, like shelving units and chests, can be the canvas for your creativity and also become a conversation piece in your home. All it takes is your imagination and a little paint.

If you decide to try painting things to update in your home, you’ll work with a number of different surfaces and need to meet a variety of paint requirements. Call or visit the Paint People and Creative Haus Design to learn more about painting wood, metal and plastics to make sure you get the right finish.