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Time to get some chalkboard paint

Time To Get Some Chalkboard Paint!

That’s right, school is back! It’s time to get some chalkboard paint.  Chalkboard paint isn’t subject to merely the classroom blackboard any longer!  Chalkboard paint is a new and fun way to experiment with paint.  The kids are back in school, the winter tires are soon to be switched and the holiday planning begins.  It’s a great time to undertake a creative and easy project.  Chalkboard paint can be a great tool to keep track of family activity.  Creating a family calendar from chalkboard paint for instance is an entertaining and convenient way to stay on schedule and communicate.  Chalkboard paint takes nearly no preparation and the possibilities of its uses are endless.

It used to be that chalkboard paint was only available really in two colours, black and that dark green we’ve learned to associate with professors, suede elbow patches and heavy textbooks.  All that has made way for a much brighter outlook on chalkboard paint.  Benjamin Moore’s chalkboard paint can be made in any colour you can think of.  Its uses and areas of application have also evolved to accommodate a practical but fun product.  Not only can adults use it as an inexpensive décor element, but it’s a wonderful product for kids to be creative.  Any product where kids can draw on the walls and not get in trouble is always a good thing!

Chalkboard Paint for Kids: Go ahead, draw on the walls!

It’s unexpected yet whimsical quality of chalkboard paint, makes it a great product for kids to draw and be creative.  Instead of doing the standard chalkboard square on the wall, try applying it in a unique way, like a strip down the wall, the back of a door or a horizontal stripe around the room at your child’s drawing height.  A dinosaur shape in a pre-historic themed kids’ room would make a fun and easy growth chart to mark. For teenagers who are occupied with being in trend, paint one of their favourite logos in chalk board paint, which doubles as a conversation board.  Kids are far more creative than us, so give them a place where they can express their artistic side.

Chalkboard Paint Applications & Inspiration

The application of chalkboard paint is almost identical to regular paint, just be sure to start with a clean surface.  Allow a day or two for it to cure before drawing.  It performs like a regular paint, so it’s straightforward to apply, and it can be covered up with regular paint just as easy.  Clean up is simple, when fingers don’t cut it anymore, the best way is to use warm water and a cloth.  Another idea to extend the use of chalkboard paint is to pair it with Magna Magic magnetic primer.  Apply the magnetic primer first; the more coats the better, to get a strong magnetic force.  Once dried, you can put any coloured chalkboard paint over top, to create a magnetic-chalkboard in one.  If you have an awkward wall space, give it purpose with a chalkboard drawing area or message board.  Try adding a cuisine menu in the kitchen, frame a chalkboard square patch to make it appear as artwork or even give your furniture a quirky update.  If you have more artistic abilities, consider converting dated cabinet door fronts into chalkboard message doors.

For a more festive touch, you can even use chalkboard paint on pumpkins and candy dishes.  Couple it with some burlap or a lantern, and look at that, you’re right on trend!  For all the newbie DIY’s, chalkboard paint is a great place to start and it becomes addictive.  Be sure to pick up different coloured chalk to experiment with. The best part is you can switch out the theme or drawing as often as you want without spending a dime. Chalkboard paint is an engaging form of paint, so have fun and go nuts with the endless possible ways you can use it!

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Creative & Easy Chalkboard Paint Ideas

How to apply chalkboard paint


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