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The best Benjamin Moore Century swatches

Best Benjamin Moore Century Swatches

Benjamin Moore has always been known for quality paint and transforming colours. It’s a reliable product and measurably advanced, compared to many on the market.  Some noteworthy products include, a very capable UltraSpec collection, a well-rounded Regal Select and even a matte bathroom paint that’s mold and mildew resistant.  Looking to the future of product and colour, Benjamin Moore has introduced a paint concentrating on colour saturation in combination with texture, in the form of Benjamin Moore Century Paint!

While still maintaining Benjamin Moore’s name in quality, the Century paints are better suited for areas like dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms, places where you want to make a luxurious and opulent impression.  A suede-like look, has a similar appeal than that of wallpaper, with texture that compels you to want to touch it!

The Benjamin Moore Century collection has a plethora of choices within the whole colour spectrum.  Rich and decadent shades in each colour category make for spaces with impact and presence.  Easily more than twenty percent of the selected colours are dedicated to neutrals, steadily on grays and sprinkled with warmer greiges.  With neutrals being a consistently safe choice, a handful of the go-to neutrals include Q2 Cendree, Q1 Marcasite, Z3 Galena and Z2Mica.  Where Cendree and Marcasite resonate as cool grays, Galena and Mica make up equally as warm grays.

Alternatively, non-neutral colour choices from the Benjamin Moore Century paints include shades from varying colour hues.  Opening with shades of purple, the T1 Thistle, T2 Larkspur Seed, R6 Amethyst and R5 Ametrine emanate mystic and regal tones, reflecting both dusty violets and jewel like, berry tints.

Befitting Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Colour of the Year, AF-290 Caliente, the Century line also offers rich reds, with arguably the deepest pigment saturation and texture that creates an uncanny resemblance and feel to a physical flower petal.  With passionate reds and burnt ambers, some of the most prominent colours are C8 Alizarin, V2 Persian Red, V5 Sumac and N4 Saffron.


Yellow is the lightest pigmented colour out of the colour spectrum, and therefore the least saturated, nevertheless, Benjamin Moore Century colours offers a surprisingly extensive choice within a warm yellow palate, ranging from mustard to khaki tones!  Century’s Y8 Limonite,Y5 Yarrow, Y9 Golden Currant and U3 Wild Caraway embrace a yellowed amber glow.

The Benjamin Moore Century palate, zeroes in on some of the best tones of one hue that can easily evoke opposite reactions; green.  From lush and luxurious emeralds to comfortable and organic shades, O7 Privet, O5 Terre Verte, O6 Viridan and O4 Veronese Green are an adeptly selected handful of green shades within such a varying hue.


Maintaining the trendy blues, Benjamin Moore’s Century paints spotlight a varying palate, extending from tranquil green-blues to modest, blackcurrant indigos, and everything in between. The powdery, periwinkles, contrast the ability of range in comparison with the deepest Mediterranean ocean teals!  These hues encompass a fluctuation and fluid palate; U9 Blue Muscari, T6 Mazarine, U8 Cobalt, T7 Deep Iolite.

Benjamin Moore’s latest available product, Century, is a precious and commendable paint option, attentive to the market need for a lavish and unique amalgamation of physical texture and colour impression!  Imagine, a soft to the touch wall, in perfect harmony with an equally opposing strong and opulent colour! It really is the best of both worlds!

The best Benjamin Moore century swatches