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What to paint your bedroom

6 Dreamy Paint Colours for Your Bedroom

If you ever sell your home, your realtor will tell you that the kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms for impressing potential buyers. They are followed by the more visible spaces, like your living room and entry way.

So we were a little surprised when we found a post on Realtors.com titled “8 of the Year’s Dreamiest Bedroom Paint Colors”. The article points out that we spend at least one third of our lives in the bedroom, although we’re fast asleep for most of that time!

From our point of view, if the kitchen and bathroom are most important when you’re selling your house, the bedroom is really important while you live in the house.

So, inspired by the Reator.com post, we’ve put together the following list of six Benjamin Moore paint colours that will make you bedroom a great place to spend a third of your life – awake or asleep.

  1. Smoke Embers – If you’re looking for light subtle tones to help the zzz’s, as well as be the perfect backdrop for your bedroom furniture, grays are as neutral as they get and Smoke Embers will bring out the best in the room.
  2. White Dove – Just the name brings out dreamy visions. If you like white, but still can’t come to terms with it full-on in the bedroom, off-whites like White Dove can be the best of both worlds.
  3. Waynesboro Taupe – Want to go a little earthier without browns and dark reds? Waynesboro Taupe gives you more colour than the grays and off-whites, but still has a lightness that works in the bedroom.
  4. Imperial Yellow – Bringing you the beautiful colour of the morning, without being bright enough to ruin your night, Imperial Yellow helps you ‘rise and shine’.
  5. Mystical Blue – If just the names of the paints were all that was needed to induce sleep, this one would be a winner. Natural colours are the most soothing and this beautiful light blue conjures the sky and ocean.
  6. Antique Jade – Sticking with the colours of nature, at no time is nature any more beautiful than in the spring. This tone will remind you of a fresh spring morning all year long.

If you’re looking for more great ideas for bedroom colours from Benjamin Moore, be sure to drop in, call or contact us here at The Paint People.