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5 Paint Colours that Make You Happier

If you believe in colour therapy, we’re sure you were out celebrating international Colour Therapy Month in March.

While it has its doubters, there is no denying that colours have an effect on us, even if that effect may not fit everyone’s definition of ‘therapeutic’. If you’re suspicious, just walk into a room painted bright orange; you’ll get the idea.

Many colours are known for instilling particular feelings, moods and/or emotion. You can enjoy the positive effects of a number of different colours in your home by using them in different rooms. Together, they can create an overall boost to your general demeanor, mood and outlook.

Give it a try with these paint colours that improve happiness.

1. Yellow Will Cheer You Up

Like the sun’s warm rays, yellow is a natural source of positive energy and cheerfulness. It works well in a baby’s room, or in the kitchen to start your day off right.

2. Sky Blue Rejuvenates

Airy and calming, sky blue helps to restore your natural rhythms. It works well to help you sleep, which in turn helps your body to rejuvenate and promotes overall well-being.

3. Violet is Mindful

We told you recently about the trend to darker paint colours in home décor for 2017. And they too can have a positive effect on you. Instead of being ‘dark and brooding’, violet has been linked to instilling a sense of relaxation and retreat, so you can focus and reflect.

4. Yellow-Green for Optimism

Like the fruit itself, the colour of a granny smith apple helps to energize you and, like spring’s first blossoms, it’s full of excitement for what’s ahead.

5. Silver Gray

Adds a sense of balance and harmony in the room by staying in the background and putting everything else at centre stage. It helps you enjoy what really matters.

Interior paint colours are credited with some very interesting powers, like this one that Kendall Jenner uses to calm down AND suppress her appetite! If you’d like to find out more about creating the right mood in every room in the house, drop into The Paint People or call us for a chat.