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Wall decal for decoration

5 Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom Décor Without Emptying Your Pockets

Kitchens and bathrooms; kitchens and bathrooms; kitchens and bathrooms.

If you listen to the home decor magazines and real estate agents, it’s like those are the only two rooms that matter in your home.

But guess what? No matter how much time you spend in the kitchen at parties, you spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in the home.

OK, admittedly you’re sleeping for almost all of that time, but just sayin’.

Regardless of how much time we spend there, the bedroom is an important sanctuary that may not be a ‘showcase’ for visitors, but is important for our own enjoyment and wellbeing.

Updating its décor using some of the following inexpensive ideas will not only give your bedroom a much needed facelift, it will boost your spirits when you do so without even worrying about the budget.

1. Print & Artwork

Yes, this is an obvious change, but we mention it because of the increasing number of reasonably priced options you have. You can find interesting and low-priced artwork at just about every big-box hardware store, craft shop, furniture store, etc.. Or add a bit of your own personality by using many of the online and instore services available that let you enlarge your photos.

2. Sponge Painting

Yes, it’s been in and out of style for decades, but sponge painting remains a popular, easy and inexpensive way to create a unique, trendy and classy ambience.

3. Decals

If you haven’t used decals in any other rooms, the bedroom is a good place the start. Custom decals mean that your choice is limited only by your imagination. And you can see if you like the idea before you roll them out to more visible rooms. Even better, decals are removable if you just don’t like the look.

4. Wallpaper/Wallcoverings

Another oldie but goodie that’s enjoying a bit of a renaissance because of new materials and patterns. Add a bamboo vibe or warm wood tones to completely change the look and feel of the room.

5. Storage

You have probably never thought of storage as a décor idea, but many a bedroom’s décor is ruined by stuff that you simply don’t have a place for. Creatively make a space for your things either with hanging shelves in an unused corner of the room or with a storage shelf above your door.

As always, there’s lots more you can do to spruce up your bedroom’s décor and we hope that the ideas listed above help you to find one that works. And never hesitate to stop by The Paint People for even more ideas and help in making them happen.