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4 Ways to Paint Old Wood Paneling & Make it Cool Again

Wood paneling seems to be going through a bit of a resurgence in popularity with different finishes and patterns. But if you have the old school style of panelling, the one you grew up with, you might be ready for a change.

But who wants to rip out all that paneling, and replace it with drywall?

You’re in luck. There are a number of ways to make wood paneling look cool again, and none of them involve anywhere near the work of replacing the panels.

4 Wood Paneling Painting Tips

Just Paint Them

With the trend towards bolder and brighter paint colours, like Benjamin Moore’s Rocky Mountain Sky, you can use them to to give your panelling a mod makeover.

Lightly sand the finish of the paneling and cover it well with primer before applying the topcoat. But, after that, those old panel grooves will be groovy again with a fresh new colour.

If you want to get even groovier, paint the grooves in a contrasting colour for a pinstripe effect.

Whitewash the Panels

Distressed wood is all the rage in paneling and flooring. You can get the same look by whitewashing your panels. Again, a light sanding will help the paint adhere.
Dilute white latex paint with water, and oil-based paint with turpentine. Use a 2 to 1 ratio of paint to water for thicker coverage, and reverse the ratio for a thinner application.
Brush on your paint and immediately wipe it down until you get the desired colour and look.

Get Rid of the Grooves

Use drywall compound to fill in the groove pattern on the panelling. When you’re done, sand everything and paint the wall. It’ll look like you actually did replace the paneling with drywall.

Wallpaper the Panels

You can apply paintable wallpaper to the panels. Choose flat, untextured paper, or go for one of a variety of patterns for even more new looks.

You can make almost any surface in your home look like new again with a good paint job. Please call or visit us at The Paint People to learn more.



Paint Old Wood Paneling | The Paint People