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The Paint People shares their thoughts on 2019 colour trends

2019 Colour Trends

Benjamin Moore has recently released their palette for 2019, and with the New Year just around the corner, we’re excited to see what’s in store for upcoming projects, style & design. When paint color can encompass a large part of your home’s surface space and design, it’s best to start off on the right track. So, what can we look forward to for the year as far as colour trends?

Ironically, the 2019 colour of the year, is most anticipated for its imperatively simplistic trait of being neutral. In comparison to last year’s personality-packed Caliente red, AF-690 Metropolitan is a cool and collected, mid-tone gray hue. There it is! A gray! Grays are effectively the core neutral of all interior trends currently, from shopping fabrics to tiles, to paint! While Metropolitan has an urban and dynamic ring to it, its fundamentally neutral presence establishes a foundation for a flexible, gray palate.

Other aspects of the 2019 colours trends, in contrast to 2018, is a noticeable shift in colour hues, from dainty, feminine pinks that shaped much of last years’ palate, to embracing cool, masculine hues that are present in 2019. The overall 2019 palate suggests a rich and moody atmosphere, with dominating colours like HC-154 Hale Navy, AF-165 Kona and 2041-10 Hunter Green prevailing, while the partnering paler shades such as AF-250 Head Over Heels and 2144-40 Soft Fern creates a complimenting combination and a balanced bond.

The introduction of greens and green-blues is prevalent, like 2054-20 Beau Green, Hunter Green, Soft Fern, 2122-40 Smoke, and even the colour of the year AF-690 Metropolitan has a subtle green undertone that emulates a warmer gray. Alternatively, ranging from light to dark, the comfortable and familiar neutrals of OC-27 Balboa Mist, AF-100 Pashmina, AF-165 Kona & HC-166 Kendall Charcoal flow into soft and sophisticated colours like 2130-40 Black Pepper, 2122-40 Smoke & HC-39 Putnam Ivory. Both the modern CC-20 Decorators White and the classic CC-40 Cloud White are also featured as 2019 colours, a perfect example of this transitional time where both warm whites and cool whites can be utilized, depending on the temperature of the palate.

The purpose of the 2019 colours is weighted in being adaptable, a canvas to share for opposing materials like honeyed hardwoods & shimmering metals. With a governing value placed in curated opulence and cultivated artistry in the design process, Benjamin Moore’s 2019 colour of the year and composed, ancillary palate demonstrates the intrinsic appreciation for both refined and indulged luxury.