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Sherwin Williams’ 2024 Color of the Year Announcement: Meet Upward SW 6239!

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Sherwin Williams has announced Upward SW 6239 as their Color of the Year for 2024. It’s a color that invites you to take a deep breath and smile. Every year, Sherwin Williams picks a color that they think will be everyone’s new favorite, and this time, it’s Upward SW 6239. So, whether you’re thinking about painting a room or just love keeping up with the latest trends, let’s dive into why Upward SW 6239 is the color everyone will be talking about.

Sherwin Williams’ 2024 Color of the Year is Upward SW 6239

Upward SW 6239 is the color that Sherwin Williams has crowned as the star of 2024. It’s not just any blue; it’s like a breath of fresh air for your home, bringing a sense of calm and a whisper of adventure. Whether you’re a pro at picking paint or just love a splash of color, Upward is here to inspire your next big change. So, grab a brush, and let’s get ready to transform your space with a color that’s as uplifting as its name. For a visual exploration of Upward SW 6239 and its potential in various spaces, check out this informative video.

Applications of Upward SW 6239

Upward SW 6239 isn’t just a color; it’s a mood, a statement, and a versatile design tool. Here’s how you can make the most of this refreshing blue in various spaces:

sherwin williams color of the year 2024

Living Rooms:
Upward can breathe life into your living room when used on an accent wall. Pair it with light-colored furniture and gold accents for a touch of elegance.

For a calming retreat, paint the entire room in Upward. Soft white linens and natural wood elements complement this serene blue perfectly.

Consider painting your kitchen island or cabinets in Upward for a chic, modern look. It pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops.

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with Upward walls. Crisp white towels and silver fixtures will complete this tranquil space.

By understanding the versatility of Upward SW 6239, you can confidently use it to enhance the beauty and mood of any space. Whether you’re going for a complete makeover or just adding a few accents, Upward is a color that offers endless possibilities.

Color Pairings and Combinations with Upward SW 6239

Sherwin Williams's 2024 Color of the Year

Discover the perfect partners for Upward SW 6239 to create harmonious and appealing color schemes:

  • Soft Whites: Pair with shades like “Alabaster” for a crisp, clean look.
  • Warm Grays: Combine with hues like “Repose Gray” for a cozy, modern vibe.
  • Deep Navy: Contrast with “Naval” for a bold, striking statement.
  • Rich Black: Use “Tricorn Black” for a dramatic, contemporary feel.
  • Earthy Greens: Complement with “Sage” or “Rosemary” for a natural touch.
  • Soft Beiges: Blend with “Accessible Beige” for a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Vibrant Accents: Add pops of “Lemon Twist” or “Coral Reef” for a playful, energetic look.

These pairings allow Upward SW 6239 to shine in various design contexts, from serene and subtle to bold and dynamic.

Practical Tips for Using Upward SW 6239

Practical Tips for Using Upward SW 6239

Follow these tips to seamlessly incorporate Upward SW 6239 into your space, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

  1. Finish Matters: Choose a matte finish for a cozy feel in bedrooms and living rooms, or opt for gloss in kitchens and bathrooms for added elegance.
  2. Lighting is Key: Make the most of natural light to bring out the best in Upward. In rooms with less light, warm artificial lighting can enhance its soothing effect.
  3. Accentuate with Accents: Not ready for a full repaint? Introduce Upward through accent pieces like cushions, vases, or artwork for a subtle yet impactful change.
  4. Texture Play: Pair Upward with soft fabrics like velvet or natural elements like wood to complement its serene vibe and add depth to your decor.


Alright, let’s wrap this up! Sherwin Williams’ 2024 pick, “Upward” SW 6239, isn’t just another color of the year—it’s a mood, a vibe, and a statement. It’s like they’ve bottled up our yearning for peace, clarity, and a dash of hope, and turned it into this gorgeous shade of blue. And the best part? It plays well with so many other colors! So, whether you’re a design pro or just someone looking to refresh a room, “Upward” is definitely one to watch.

FAQs About Sherwin Williams’ Upward SW 6239

1. What is Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year for 2024?

Sherwin Williams has announced Upward SW 6239 as their Color of the Year for 2024. It’s a refreshing blue that brings a sense of calm and optimism to any space.

2. How can I incorporate Upward SW 6239 into my home?

Upward can be used in various ways, from painting an accent wall to adding pops of color through accessories like cushions and artwork. It pairs well with soft whites, warm grays, and vibrant accents for a harmonious look.

3. What are the best color pairings for Upward SW 6239?

Upward pairs beautifully with soft whites like “Alabaster,” warm grays like “Repose Gray,” deep navy like “Naval,” and rich black like “Tricorn Black.” For a natural touch, consider earthy greens or soft beiges.

4. Is Upward SW 6239 suitable for exterior use?

Yes, Upward SW 6239 is suitable for exterior use. It can add a fresh and inviting look to your home’s exterior, especially when used on front doors or shutters.

5. How does Upward SW 6239 influence the mood of a room?

Upward SW 6239 is known for its calming and uplifting qualities. Its serene blue hue can create a tranquil atmosphere, making it ideal for spaces where relaxation and clarity are desired. Whether used in a bedroom, living room, or workspace, Upward can help foster a peaceful and focused environment.

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