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Specialty Paints

How Specialty Paints can Boost Your Creativity

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If you’ve lived in your home or condo for a while, chances are that you’ve painted more than a few times. It’s always great to start a new painting project, maybe in a different room this time, and you look forward to the results, which are invariably better than what you had before. Painting is just about the easiest, most rewarding home improvement project there is.

Except When You ‘Hit the Wall’

Unfortunately, you might like to paint your home so much, you can ‘hit the wall’- on new colour and paint ideas that is. Sometimes you go to the paint store and simply can’t find a colour that isn’t at least close to one you haven’t already used. You’ve done the two-tone thing too, and wainscoting.

While new paint colours are being introduced all the time, there’s one more option to get your creative juices flowing again.

Specialty Paints

While they may not be suitable for every application, specialty paints can add a fresh approach to the décor of any room.

Chalkboard Paint

Imagine how much fun the kids will have if an entire wall in their room is a chalkboard. Or maybe you just want to create a message wall in the kitchen. You can even make a chalkboard out of a table, or your refrigerator – or anything else you can think of.

Whiteboard Paint

Similar to chalkboard paint, you can use whiteboard paint when you want to brighten a room.

Latex Sand Texture

Like the name implies, this paint gives your walls a sandy feel. It’s great at hiding imperfections and you can create endless designs and effects with it.

Glitter Effect

This paint adds an iridescent sparkle to any previously-painted or primed surface in your home.

Metallic Effects

From the look of hammered metal to a variety of glimmering, translucent metallic lustres, these paints can bring a whole new look to old furniture, wood trim, furniture accessories and accent walls

If you’re looking for any other ways to spark new ideas for painting your home, please call or visit us here at The Paint People. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks!