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How paint colours affect people in the workplace | The Paint People

Paint Colour Tips for the Office

May we have your undivided attention please. We are now about to use our amazing telepathic powers. We will project them directly through the interweb, to correctly identify the colours of your office. We will do this regardless of where your office is located. And even though it’s highly unlikely that we’ve ever been there.

Somewhere in your office, the paint colours are off-white, light taupe and light gray.


OK, please forgive the feeble attempt at trying to creatively illustrate the point that most office paint colours are generally the same and similarly subdued.

We probably had you at ‘off-white’.

And it makes sense. Neutral, less saturated paint colours affect us less than rich, bold colours, so they are perfect for the office.

How Paint Colours Affect People in the Workplace

According to colour psychologist, Angela Wright, we are impacted by different colours in the following ways.

Blue for the Mind

If your office is home to people who need to do a lot of brain work, like an architectural office, then blue, like Benjamin Moore’s Heaven on Earth 1661, creates the right environment.

Yellow Evokes Emotions

Optimistic and bright, yellows can lift the spirit and spur creativity is design studios and marketing agencies.

Green is Balanced

Like Mother Nature, green brings balance, calm and reassurance. Perfect qualities for financial institutions.

Red for Energy

If you’re looking for a great colour for your health club office or anywhere you want a talkative or social atmosphere, red will do nicely

There’s More to the Perfect Paint Colours for Your Office

So let’s say it was your job to choose the paint colours for the aforementioned  architectural office. As beautiful as it is, if you painted every wall in Heaven on Earth, the office might get a bit boring.

Colour saturation also has a significant effect. A deep rich red might perk you up in the morning, but it might also contribute to the afternoon crash, versus a less saturated version of the same colour.

There are no absolutely right or wrong answers for what are the best paint colours to use in your office. Even if you like it very subdued, you might just want to keep your employees awake with a splash of Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Colour of the Year, Caliente AF-290, on one wall.

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How paint colours affect people in the workplace | The Paint People