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National home show | The Paint People

National Home Show


The National Home Show is a trip that’s worth spending the day, to wander, be informed and get inspired! With innovative products, and reliable services at almost every booth, it’s for both hunting for specifics, and roaming around to take in ideas.With the event taking up most of the available Exhibition Place space, combined with two dedicated weekends and the whole week in between, there’s plenty of time for everyone to experience everything the Home Show has to offer!

Perfectly planned in the weeks before spring begins, this year’s show had a large focus on plants, of both florals and foliage. The priority of creating beautiful landscapes both inside and outside the home have never been so important. It’s apparent, the trends behind design understand and appreciate the importance of healthy and sustainable design within the beauty of each style. I found it was an appealing showcase of how integrating organic and natural elements into interior and exterior design can both support a design or be the defining impact. With the trades and knowledge that’s accessible, it’s also never been easier to implement and take advantage of establishing a well-defined space that highlights greenery!

In interiors, there’s an evident push towards contemporary and modern lines, as we see a gradual transformation from traditional to modern, in design overall.

The model home exhibit was a demonstration of a family home prepared in a modern, contemporary exterior with inviting and soft interior furnishings, which maintain a pleasing balance of refined lines and comfortable living.

National home show | The Paint People

Conversely, more specific sections of design, like flooring and appliances for example, have taken a luxurious stance on honing distressed yet curated materials. The hint of heritage character and antique value is influential in many designs. But, it’s the accessibility of these opposing styles we currently see, that creates opportunity to achieve competent designs amidst many varying styles.

The most favourable aspect of design trends in 2018 is the harmonized contrast of warm, organic materials juxtaposed to luxurious metals and clean lines. Now is the time to utilize the very best of distinctly differentiating designs to create a uniquely satisfying oasis in your own home!

National home show | The Paint People