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The Man Cave

Man Cave

The Man Cave, in every man’s mind, is his personal bat cave.  Through my wonder – woman powers, I can hopefully deduce what makes an epic man cave, from non-other than a female AND a designer’s point of view!  And epic, includes good design!

When women hear the word man cave, the eye rolls ensue and a ghastly image of beer cans, plywood and sports junk clutter the room.  But a really well designed room will even be (albeit, secretly) coveted by the women in the house.  A man cave is an undisturbed place to hang out, where the rules go out the window, yelling is encouraged and fun is mandatory! Who wouldn’t want that?!

An idyllic man cave would incorporate design elements like deep, earthy colours, accented by moody, ambient lighting and layered with rich masculine textures like brick, metal and wood.  Above all, every material, from flooring to fabric needs to be durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of the whole football team!  Conversely the style could change, but there are essential elements to any and every epic man cave!

Man Cave Essentials

  1. A quality chair befitting the king! – Whether it’s a recliner like Joey and Chandler had, a refined wing-back for downtime reading, or a sophisticated leather armchair for sipping brandy with the boys, a good quality, and comfortable chair is the number one essential item for any proper man cave.
  2. A completely disproportionate sized TV! – From a design standpoint, use the awkwardly massive item as a room focal point to make it feel intentionally integrated into the space. From movies to sports, to the fishing channel (basically anything guys want to watch that no one else does) a TV that’s on display or craftily hidden when not in use, the man cave is the perfect place for the disproportionate sized electronic.
  3. Mini Fridge for the secret stash! – The last thing you want to do is run across the house or up a flight of stairs to grab a drink when you’re relaxing. Keep a stockpile of drinks and goodies handy for you and your mates, by including a mini fridge. For loftier aspirations, a fully stocked bar, if space permits is an essential element to an epic man cave.
  4. Games, games, games! – What’s a little friendly competition between friends? From X-Box to pool tables, board games to chess, games with the bros encourages friendly rivalry and entertainment all round’.
  5. Your Hobby! – Incorporate your personal touch! What do you do to de-stress or have fun?  Is it working on the car, miniature war games, cosplaying?  Bring in components of your favourite hobbies and interests though artwork and décor.  Frame your favourite sport’s team’s jersey, encase your autographed memorabilia or craft an exhibit area for your action figures.  What could formerly be considered clutter or junk to others, can be a constructive way to confidently display your prized possessions, all the while maintaining a cohesive design throughout your space!

The man cave should be epic, and befitting the king of the castle.  While these essential elements are necessary, good design is what makes it an epic one!

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Sahra McFarlane
Interior Decorator
Creative Haus Designs

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