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Tips on using chalkboard paint | The Paint People

Make Any Wall a Creative Space with Chalkboard Paint

Using chalkboard paint might just be the easiest creative project to undertake for your home! Ever wondered how all those classroom long blackboards came to be at school? It’s as easy as paint, and even easier to use in your own home!

Chalkboard paint is an economical and easy paint product to utilize for a wide variety of purposes and places. Any wall in your home can be transformed with the power of paint, but chalkboard paint brings a whole new level of texture and creativity to a seemingly boring surface.

While an entire room in chalkboard paint might be overwhelming, take to small sections of the home where artistic ability can be injected. A chalkboard area in the foyer can be an inviting way of welcoming guests, and it’s also a great way to instantaneously share the wifi password. The kitchen, on the other hand, is the heart of the home, and a perfect place for family members to convey messages, schedules and that item you forgot on the last grocery run! Similarly, an office area is a useful place for a chalkboard wall to stay inspired and organized. To top it off, kids’ rooms and playrooms are always a wonderful choice for chalkboard walls, where little ones don’t get reprimanded for drawing on the walls and they have an outlet for their constantly evolving creativity.

Paint, in any form, is commonly categorized for walls, yet paint can be painted onto virtually anything! When we broaden our idea of how and what it can be used for, we can generate truly unique design character. Why limit chalkboard paint to walls, the ceiling is a perfectly low traffic area to create a more permanent work of art. The chalkboard on walls, conversely, can be treated before or after the chalkboard paint has been applied. Try employing a magnetic paint first, with a top coat of chalkboard paint to creates a multi-utility board. Alternatively, after the chalkboard coat is dried, it can be further decorated with framed prints, and hollowed frames to create a drawing or message box! Furniture and cabinetry can make for creative surfaces as well, but consider the use and durability, and be sure to prep well.

Ultimately, the greatest feature of modern day chalkboard paint is the colour choice! Long gone are the days when chalkboard paint was restricted to professor green or boring black. Benjamin Moore’s Chalkboard Paint can be tinted to almost any colour!  This feature opens the design possibilities, to as a design tool for both functionality and aesthetic. Generally, darker colours will perform better under white coloured chalk than on a lighter hue. Whether it’s a freehand painted shape in the kids’ room or a message board in the hallway, these 7 Benjamin Moore paint colours are sure to make for dynamic chalkboard walls!

Tips on using chalkboard paint from The Paint People

  • 2050-20 Dollar Bill Green – Nevertheless, the professors’ chalkboard colour is a classic, and enhances vintage charm!
  • 2121-10 Gray – A perfectly neutral backdrop to highlight crisp white chalk lines.
  • 2076-20 Royal Flush – An exuberant and pleasing pink for a dose of feminine character!
  • 2131-30 Lead Gray – A sophisticated and mature approach, while effectively injecting a bit of colour.
  • 2171-10 Navajo Red – This energetic, yet clean-cut burnt red is sure to inspire creative action!
  • 2067-30 Twilight Blue – A refreshingly invigorating, yet urban indigo blue is the ideal splash of colour!
  • 2112-40 Stone – A neutral gray that looks unified with currently trendy grays.

Sometimes the best colour of all, is not implementing contrast, but extending the same colour of the room throughout. By creating the chalkboard wall the same colour as the room, it establishes a seamless space, with a dual-purpose wall.

Just like that, you can turn any wall and virtually any surface, into a chalkboard, all comprising of limitless colour options!


Tips on using chalkboard paint | The Paint People


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