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Spur Children Creativity for Painting Rooms

Spur Your Child’s Creativity with These Ideas for Painting their Room

The biggest factor in choosing the paint and décor for your children’s rooms is: their age. Just to be clear, for the purposes of this post, we’re talking about older than infants and younger than high school, so about 4 to 12 years old. And these ideas will work for boy’s or girl’s rooms

With those details out of the way, let’s start talking ideas. Like most parents, you want your children’s rooms to be relaxing and inspiring places where they can retreat, be themselves, and feel comfortable.

Colours and Designs

1. Magnetic Walls

Imagine your children being able to quickly put up their own drawings, pictures or clippings on the walls of their room. Or playing on the wall with magnetic toys. Magnetic wall coverings can make it happen. Hung like wallpaper, magnetic wall paper can be painted in any colour scheme to suit your décor.

2. Chalkboard Paint

We told you before about all the benefits and applications of chalkboard paint. In a nutshell, chalkboard paint no longer means you have to think in terms of traditional chalkboard colours: green and black. You can paint your kid’s room with chalkboard paint in any colour of the spectrum. The beauty of chalkboard paint is that it encourages your child’s creativity without spiking your stress levels with impromptu pencil drawings on your living room walls.

3. Dry-Erase Paint

Similar to chalkboard paint, dry-erase paint makes your wall more than just a wall. It becomes a canvas for your child’s imagination. Dry-Erase paint is available in two basic varieties. White dry-erase paint literally turns the wall into a giant whiteboard. Clear dry-erase paint can be applied to any wall paint, or wall covering, like the magnetic covering listed above. It turns any wall into an easy-to-clean surface for anything your child cares to draw or write on it.

The possibilities for your children’s rooms are almost endless. If you’re not sure which way to go when redecorating, just ask your children what they would like.

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