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Some Summer Paint Shades for Inside Your Home

“It’s been a long cold lonely winter.” Thank you George Harrison for signing the story of the winter of 2018 long before it happened. And when summer finally does get here, we bet you’ll be out soaking in as much of it as possible.

But considering the deep freeze we endured this past winter, you may need an even bigger fix of summer. And you can get it by bringing some of the summer’s natural, easy-going paint shades to your interior colours and wall paints.

The bonus is, if next winter is another cold one, you’ll still be surrounded by summer! Here are just a few paint shades and interior course you can use to bring summer inside this year.

1. The Calm Light of the Forest

In the brightest, sunny day, the forest is still mellow. If you have bright rooms, you can keep the mellow mood with walls in Benjamin Moore’s Kelp Forest Green.

2. Lighter with Limestone and Hampton Green

What if you have the opposite problem and want to lighten a room by reflecting more of the sun’s light, without using the harsh glare of white. Benjamin Moore’s Limestone is bright but relaxed. And it is nicely complemented with Hampton Green, which offers interesting contrast without any harshness.

3. Freshness & Youth

Just like the flavour, Benjamin Moore’s Spearmint Ice is cool and refreshing. It’s the perfect backdrop for denim blues and slate greys. If you’re looking for lively splashes of colour, accent the room with white, chartreuse and lime. This paint shade is like an endless summer!

If you’re looking to get more summer shades for your home’s decor, call or visit The Paint People. You can take advantage of our Creative Haus Designs colour consultation services to add summer to your existing decor or come up with the palette for a new renovation.

Benjamin Moore summer shades 2018 | The Paint People