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When you picture an ‘office’ in your mind, what do you think of? Is it an uninviting or even institutional like place, where your nose is to the grind? Maybe there’s even a faint, dull drone in the background that sounds like ‘Bueller… Bueller?’  We want to break out of those misconceptions that your office work space is void of design and vivacity.  Let’s face it, the kitchen has the food, the living room has the TV and the bedroom has a warm cozy bed, there’s nothing more motivating than that, but what does the office have going for it?!  It’s the one place that should be filled with inspiration and motivation!

Office Colour

Like any room, the colour can have an impact on your mood and how you work as well.  The colour of your office can have an overall effect of how efficient you work.  Certain colours can be optimal depending on the type of work that you do in your office.  Creative and artistic talent flourish under yellow tones, due to its bright, vibrant, positive effect, whereas the colour blue is said to make you the most productive, ideal if your work requires you to be focused and precise.  Red is a stimulating hue that draws a physical reaction and can actually make you more energetic, where green on the other hand is an overall balancing colour of the physical and emotional.  White or off-white, although lack of colour, can make a room feel fresh and clean, like a blank canvas ready to fill with ideas and inspiration of your own.

Not only is the colour that you’re surrounded with important, but also the view from your desk, or in many cases the lack thereof.  Whether it’s an inspiration board, a picture perfect view from your window or a beautiful piece of art that replicates one, a view can give you inspiration for your work, or simply be something beautiful to focus on when you need to reboot, rethink or rejuvenate!


Office Organization & Storage

Beyond décor and design, one of the more crucial aspects of a functioning work area is organization and efficiency.  The last thing you want, is being sidetracked from your work to look for something that you can’t find, or never having an item be in the same place.  All these things take away from being efficient at your job.  Good organization is key to a healthy work environment.  Organization and design go hand in hand; organization can be tucked away and neatly stored, or it can become a design element that you put on display (insert picture).  While many of us don’t have expansive spaces to sprawl out our work supplies, and with more and more of us bringing our work home, the idea is to take advantage of the space you have to work with.

Plan out what you really need, what you access regularly that needs to be readily accessible, and what can be tucked away for occasional uses.  If you’re tight on space or floor square footage, think vertically.  Use your ceiling height and wall space for storage.  Bookshelves and desks can be used in combination to create a cohesive unit.  Storage from floor to ceiling may be an alternative to a large desk, keeping in mind, the type of work you do may alter how you plan your space.  A large drafting table may be required for artists while a writer may need more storage for books and a smaller table surface.


Downsizing and compact living is becoming more prevalent in our society, which means multi-purpose rooms and condensing spaces.  Not every home has the space capacity for a dedicated work office, but the key to creating a functional work area within another room is to clearly define its parameters. Using a divider or some type of separation is one way to create a semi-private work area.  Alternatively, a storage solution which conceals the work space is a great option when the office equipment is not in use, and becomes a modest furniture piece that blends well with the existing space.  If you’re lucky enough to dedicate a room as office space, you may also be inclined to use it as a multi-purpose room.  An office can be condensed and combined with another functioning space, such as guest room, a gym, a craft room or to store a collection of books as a library.


Ferris Bueller may be a classic, but nothing about your office should to be as dull as his teacher.  With good design that doubles as efficient storage, your workspace can become the heart of your inspiration to come!

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Sahra McFarlane
Interior Decorator
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