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Tips on how to choose the right paint finish from The Paint People

How to Choose The Right Finish

You have finally completed the enduring and exciting task of choosing the colour to compliment the design to your home, and now you have hit the unexpected, choosing the right finish!

Many factors come into play in how to choose the right finish.

  1. Personal preference
  2. Durability
  3. Moisture repellency
  4. Condition of the substrate
  5. Appropriate finish for the specific substrate

1. Personal Preference

Back in the day, when paint technology was not up to par, people leaned towards paint finishes that were shiny! They wanted the ability to scrub their walls and remove any grease or dirt that may have accumulated overtime. These high-gloss finishes are the most durable, however, you may see your reflection in them!

Nowadays there are far more choices of “flatter finishes” to choose from; where before it was impractical, with today’s technology it’s not. You can choose paints that are both matte and durable. With a “matte finish”, there is less reflection on the surface, thus creating an “art gallery” look, much desired by designers and interior decorators.

2. Paint Finish Durability

First, you must ask yourself, where will I be applying this paint? I.e. front foyer, kitchen, backsplash, doors or trims? Do you have Kids? We all know they can be messy and are hands on. Pets? They have claws that carry in outdoor dirt and they shake off their fur!

Paint is available in many different types of sheens. The shinier the paint, the more durable it becomes, however the more imperfections you will notice. There are two factors that affect durability, the quality of the product and its sheen. You want to stick with high quality 100% acrylic latex products with proprietary resins. Many of Benjamin Moore’s products are a 100% acrylic latex that is environmentally conscious and ultra durable. They are the only paint manufacturer that produces their own resins. This helps them control quality and durability with every product.

3. Paint Finish Moisture Repellency

Bathrooms can have great ventilation, but it is important to have a moisture resistant finish that looks beautiful and yet is still durable!

A shinier finish can repel the humidity and still have great durability, but now we offer mildew and moisture matte finish to match the rest of the house. Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa is a premium interior coating specially formulated for optimal performance in high humidity environments such as baths and spas. With the added benefits of Color Lock Technology and mildew resistance it delivers remarkable durability and exceptional color.

4. Condition of The Surface

Not all walls are perfectly constructed, and many have had a lot of repairs done to them. A flat or matte finish can hide these imperfections and unify uneven textures. It is best used for hallways, family rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Yes, even bathrooms! See moisture repellency for more details.

Using a pearl, satin or semi-gloss can emphasize these imperfections, and it’s best used for doors, trims and crown mouldings. Spraying these finishes would yield the best looking, furniture like results.

5. Appropriate Finish for the Specific Substrate

Each substrate is made to endure a certain amount of abuse.

Ceilings, for example generally require little to no maintenance or cleaning, so a good ultra-flat serves the purpose. An ultra-flat ceiling paint will hide all imperfections and touch-up seamlessly but will have very little durability. Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Trims and doors on the other hand see a lot more abuse with brooms, vacuums, handprints and shoes. In these cases, pearls, satins and semi-glosses are perfect for the job. These finishes create tough, chip resistant surface. The full Advance paint line and Cabinet Coat are great choices to use.

Choosing the right finish for walls becomes the common ground between the ceiling and trim. Matte finishes and Eggshells are easily washable and diffuse the light enough to create designer art gallery look. Gone are the days where we were limited to only a couple wall finishes to choose from. Benjamin Moore’s Aura matte finish is part of an innovative paint and colorant system integrating the best technologies to deliver superior durability for any color along with the promise of long lasting beauty. In addition to using 100% acrylic latex, proprietary resins have been incorporated to give the product its extraordinary performance properties.

Choosing the right finish for your project and design can be easy. Understand the traffic and washability for the area that is to be painted and decide accordingly.

Come in and speak with one of our product specialists who will show you all the sheen samples we have to offer. This will provide you with a genuine feel and look of each finish.

Tips on how to choose the right paint finish from The Paint People