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Cabinet Hardware: Your Secret Weapon to Update Your Kitchen & Bathroom

You’ve probably heard about the importance of having an updated kitchen and bathroom when it comes time to sell your home. Apparently the condition of those rooms more than any others are what buyers most often look for before they decide to make an offer.

That’s good to know. Except for two things: one, how often do you sell your home? Two, how often do you have $50,000 laying around to spruce up your kitchen and bathroom?

An Even Better Reason to Update Your Kitchen or Bathroom

So if you’ve not redecorated your kitchen or bathroom because there’s no reason and/or the high cost of doing so, get ready to change your thinking.

Here’s the better reason: you! Instead of thinking that redecorating is an investment in your home, think about it as an investment in your enjoyment of it. Whether it’s a coat of paint or an update to the kitchen and bathroom, the new look is a refreshing change that increases your pride of ownership.

Here’s the way to do it without the high cost: door and cabinet hardware. You won’t believe the difference new door and drawer handles, pulls and knobs will make to the look of both rooms – and anywhere in your home.

If the room is dull, lighten it up with a bright finish on the cabinet hardware. Or simply change the contrast with lighter or darker handles. Old cabinets everywhere in your home will look custom-made with a new finish and a set of new hardware.

You can even repurpose a child’s bedroom to a teen’s place of refuge by refinishing chests of drawers and closets and replacing the old kids-oriented hardware with more ‘grown-up’ options.

So stop making excuses to not update your home. Visit Creative Haus Designs at The Paint People. We’re ready to help you get a new look for your kitchen, bathroom and all around the house – for the right reasons and for less cost.