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Make the most of your basement

5 Ways to Make Your Basement Work for You

We’re very lucky here in Mississauga and other major greater Toronto areas. Not every area has homes with basements that you can live in and use every day. But despite how fortunate we are to have all that extra space below or feet, many homeowners never take advantage of it.

In case you’re one of those whose basements are little more than a really large place to throw anything that you don’t have a place for elsewhere in the house, here are a few basement renovation and design ideas that will put some or all that extra space to work for you.

1. Bathroom & Bedrooms

When it comes time to sell your home, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms are among the most price-boosting stats that buyers look for. But even if you’re staying for a while, you can build a place that teenagers can call their own, or where your parents can be comfortable, or that you can rent out on AirBnB to earn some extra cash.

2. Home Office

More of us are working out-of-home at least part of the time. But too many are doing so on the dining room table. Not only is designing a home office gives us an opportunity to flex our creativity but the basement offers privacy and it means you don’t have to take your work with you every time you get up from the table.

3. Workshops/Studios

Whether it’s for the handy person in the home, or the crafter, your basement offers the space you need to fully equip a functional space to pursue your pastime.

4. Home Gyms

We are all increasingly aware of the importance of exercise in living a healthier lifestyle. But few of us use the expensive gym memberships we buy, and others don’t care to wear embarrassing workout gear in public. So create your own personal workout space in the basement, exercise when you like and save some money.

5. Home Entertainment Centre

With the cost of going to the cinema becoming a major investment, and lots of recent movies available on your cable or satellite subscription, it makes sense to create a space where you can enjoy them in a theatre-like atmosphere.

Of course, when it comes to home renovations, ideas are the easy part. But the point is that, with some effort, even just a coat of paint, you can begin using all that space in your basement to help you get more enjoyment from your home.